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title pic case study on bipolar disorder

Posted by KymaroFan on April 28, 2010

“The Real Housewives of New York City’s Jill Zarin uses Kymaro New Body Shapers to smooth her curves under tight dresses.” ~ In Touch Weekly

title pic Jill Zarin found the perfect solution to squeeze into her dress for her book release party April 13, 2010.

Posted by KymaroFan on April 15, 2010

At the launch party for her new book “Secrets of a Jewish Mother,” Jill Zarin announced that her “secret to hiding the love handles her grandmother so kindly passed down to her were thanks to Kymaro Body Shapers.”
The Real Housewives star, and mom of 4, proudly rocks the $39.99 KYMARO Infomercial Girdles to suck her [...]