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Posted by KymaroFan on July 26, 2010

BJ Fazeli sits with his three daughters, in the headquarters of Kymaro, named with the first 2 letters of each daughter's first names.

BJ Fazeli, a pioneer in the direct response industry, has always owned his own businesses, and now he’s passing on what he knows of entrepreneurship to his three daughters.

For the past 20 years, his business has been BJ Global in Irvine, which does everything from designing products to producing infomercials to sell those products, to buying media time or space to servicing customers after the sale. It has even expanded into providing these services for other product companies. Now Fazeli is grooming his daughters to take on the family business, an interesting challenge that about three fourths of family businesses can’t quite achieve.

The three daughters – Romy, Mahdice and Kyana – have been working in dad’s business as long as they can remember. Today Romy, the oldest, is creative director overseeing new product development and infomercial production. Mahdice, who just graduated from college, will soon start full time in the Irvine headquarters. Kyana, who just graduated from high school, will help out part time while going to college.

But Fazeli’s rule is that each one must work in the most important department of BJ Global: customer service. “We are building a brand so customer service and fulfillment are very important to us,” he said.
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