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Posted by KymaroFan on July 26, 2010

paraphrasing in essays sign spotted at Lady Gaga show!

Crowds unlike those ever seen for a “Today” show summer concert swarmed the plaza Friday to see pop princess Lady Gaga perform.

Screaming, excited Gaga look-alikes draped in caution tape filled sidewalks and streets from 48th Street to 50th Street and from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue. 

Mass hysteria shook the plaza as fans basked in Gaga’s charm — and the rain. It downpoured at various points during the performance, leaving a sopping wet Fame Monster on stage shaking her dripping blonde hair. But the erratic weather only seemed to enhance an already electric performance.

Overwhelmed by the support of the massive crowd, Gaga even broke down and cried after the show, grasping the hands of her dancers and giving someone who may have been a fan a huge hug offstage. read more