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Posted by KymaroFan on June 3, 2010

Cynthia loved her Prom Dress!

Say yes to the prom dress” a contest held by KYMARO Health & Beauty Spa Essentials to celebrate Teen Self-esteem  month. The winner Cynthia Chavarria was graced with her prom dreams becoming a reality thank to the sponsorship by KYMARO. Official contest was to submit a one page “heart-warming” essay on the reason they could not attend their very own prom, and the Budget $2,000. Thanks to Kymaro Cynthia was able to Celebrate her prom on Saturday May 8th.

Kymaro was established in the year 2004. This company focuses on the beauty, fashion, and the lifestyle of women. They offer products such as shape wear , hair extensionsexercise equipment, and even bra inserts. Their goal is to help women improve their self esteem by selling these products at an affordable rate. Not only did Kymaro pay for her prom dress, shoes, prom tickets, makeover, they also provided the winner with a goody bag of their products.” read more