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title pic Kymaro® Bust Up Cups

Posted by KymaroFan on March 12, 2010

Kymaro® Bust Up Cups create deep, sexy cleavage and can increase cup size by one to two sizes instantly, while offering lift and support. Kymaro Bust Up Cups can be worn inside any bra, including swimsuits as they’re waterproof! Lightweight and breathable, Kymaro Bust Up Cups look natural while helping you achieve that shapelier figure you’ve always wanted.

Kymaro Bust Up Cups
Kymaro® Bust Up Cups also fit into any bra to create fuller, firmer looking breasts and lift a sagging bust line.

Benefits & Features:

  • Stretch to any bust line
  • Lightweight & Washable
  • Invisible under your clothes
  • Bounce and look natural
  • Breathable holes prevent sweat
  • Won’t wear out and are re-usable
  • Makes you looks sexier
  • Wear with strapless & sports bras
  • Helps you look slimmer


Also included with the Kymaro® Bust Up Cups are 3 bra clips that instantly hide your unsightly bra straps. A pair of clear x-bra straps to make any convertible bra virtually invisible. And 10 double sided fashion tapes to keep all your button down blouses and low cut necklines in places. Use them to fix a torn hemline.